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[Myanmar] STEAM Education 3.International Broadcast! Programming Presentation with Japanese Children
up 2023.08.21

In the second half of 2022, a variety of STEAM education were able to be carried out with the support of Dai-ichi Life Myanmar at Dream Train.

This event, held on September 24 and 25 last year, was the “International Relay! Programming Presentation with Japanese Children”.

Fifteen children between the ages of 10 and 15 who had previously learned the “Scratch” visual programming language participated in this event.

The first objective of the event was to experience new stimulation and cross-country connections by interacting with children of the same age who live in different countries but are working hard to create programming works.
The second objective was to provide an opportunity for the children to develop their communication skills by explaining the works they created through the programming course in an easy-to understand manner to others.

At the beginning of the course, an ice-breaker activity was held in the form of a quiz to learn about each other’s countries.
Then, when the children had a few smiles on their faces, it was time for each child to make a presentation.

Introducing the titles of the children’s works

All of the children’s programming creations were given interesting titles but two of them did not give any title. The followings are interesting titles of them.
・Greedy shark
・Hit the doll game
・Shark eating small fishes
・Pizza game
・Delicious looking pizza
・Shark who destroy other’s happiness
・Gluttonous shark
・Girl from snowy forest
・The beauty of nature
・Sea hunter
・Delicious pizza
・Gluttonous shark
・Bad shark from sea

After each presentation, there was a question and answer session.
The Japanese children asked questions such as “Does it move by Random Numbers?”, “What would you like to add in the future?” and “How long does it take you to make this?”. They asked many questions in a positive manner.

In addition, the instructor advised the children who lost control during the presentation that “repeated trial and error will help you get the hang of it and create a better piece of work.”

A lot of inspiration from the works of Japanese children

The following are some of the impressions the Dream Train children had of the Japanese children’s presentations.

The Japanese children’s works were very well done, and many of them showed that they were having fun while creating their works.

I was very much inspired by the Japanese children’s presentation style and the questions they asked.
There was a child who created a “timer,” and although there were many children who created games at Dream Train, I realized that if we use programming and are creative, we can create things that are around us.

Through this presentation, I was able to broaden my perspective and thinking.

I learned a lot about Japanese children’s creativity, which will be useful for the next creative activities.

From the children’s impressions, I realized that this presentation was an event where “new stimulation, cross-country connections, and communication skills” were all interlinked together.

We would like to thank everyone from Dai-ichi Life Myanmar, Kids Labo for organizing the event, and Pro Kids, which operates Code Land, a programming school for elementary through high school students from all over Japan and abroad.

We look forward to the day when we can interact again with Japanese children through their works!