What your donation can do

3,000 yen (US$27.35*)-
will feed one child for a month in Myanmar.
10,000 yen (US$91.17*)-
will enable Japan Heart to perform surgical removal of one benign in Cambodia.
100,000 yen (US$911.74*)-
will enable Japan Heart to perform cleft lip surgical repair for 2 children in Myanmar.

*based on the exchange rate on Jan 1st, 2021

Donation plans

Please select a donation plan from the following. Visa or MasterCard are accepted. Please select the amount of your donation, click Donate and proceed.

A) Monthly donation

Minimum monthly donation is 1,000 yen (US$9.80*, which is equivalent to 32 cents per day) to support the activities of Japan Heart over a long time period.


B) One-time donation

General Donation  Support for overall activities of Japan Heart


Targeted Donation

Support Dream Train

Your donation will be used to run the Child Development Center “Dream Train” in Myanmar.


Support Dream Bridge Scholarship Program

Your donation will be used to support medical students and nurses in Cambodia.


International Emergency Relief

Your donation will be used for Japan Heart’s disaster relief activities.


How your donation will be used

Japan Heart aims to maximise the percentage of donations directed to onsite treatment-related purposes. Your donation will help to fund:

  1. Surgery, treatment and hospital costs, particularly for children
  2. Medication costs
  3. Local employee wages
  4. Hospital maintenance and environmental improvements
  5. Supplies and equipment
  6. Student scholarships
  7. Mobile medical vehicles
  8. Other costs

Credit Card information

Your credit card information will be protected and secure through J-Payment, a Japan e-payment platform, and it will not be shared with any other parties. To change, cancel or suspend your donation, please contact Japan Heart in Tokyo by e-mail at