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[Laos]Encouraged by smiles of the patients
up 2022.10.05

I would like to thank everyone who supports our projects.

Hello, this is Xuelor Chayer; a deputy manager of the medical project department, and I am a leader of this project. It was a five-day project for thyroid disease operations this time, which was a longer project than the one in the last year.

I was in charge of managing the project schedule with a chief nurse.
And I also held meetings every day with both Japan Heart members and the hospital staffs to report the preoperative and the postoperative conditions of each patient.

During the meeting

During the operations, I worked as an interpreter when the doctors from both Laos and Japan need to communicate each other in both Lao and English.
And I lighted up around the surgeons during the operations while I was also working together with ward teams to prepare for the next surgery.

Most patients who had surgeries this time suffered from huge tumors thus there were some surgeries took two or three hours to complete. Despite a lot of difficulties, the staffs and the medical teams cooperated with each other to complete the mission successfully.
I am so proud of our team.

Taking care of the patients with Japanese nurses all day and all night, and talking with the patients and their families while seeing their big smiles. These moments bring me a lot of happiness.

As a representative of the people in Laos, I would like to thank everyone who supports us in making patients’ lives better.
Japan Heart would like to continue the supports for those patients.

In the operation room, Xuelor Chayer lighted up around the surgeon with a hand torch

I would like to show my appreciation and respect toward the healthcare workers.

I am a Japanese-English interpreter Owen.
I was very nervous since it was my first time joining medical projects as a translator. However, to make the projects successfully done, I took lectures from the nurses, deepen my understandings toward thyroid diseases, and learned specific terms in the medical field.

In the process of preoperative medical care, I mediated a conversation between patients and nurses such as translating explanations from the nurses or questions from the patients. I supported them until they left the hospital.

After the surgery, I helped the nurses to manage postoperative care for the patients. In the end, I realized how much the medical workers are making efforts and tolerant with the difficult situations. I would like to express my gratitude and show respect to all doctors and nurses in our team.

Additionally, I communicated a lot with patients and heard about their family issues, but finally, I was able to see their smiling faces when they left the hospital. Although it is still required to study more to help medical workers, I am glad and proud of myself to join this mission.

As a translator, he helped the conversation between Japanese nurses and Laotian people.

The picture with the patient who left the hospital lastly in this mission