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[Japan] June, 2022: The job experience at Kidzania Tokyo for the first time for Karin-chan and her family
up 2022.10.05

At the end of June, we went to Kidzania Tokyo with Karin-chan and her family together.
It was the first time for them to have work experience and they worked hard there.

Please take a look at the report of their trip on SmileSmilePROJECT webpage.

At the end of June, it had been over 35℃ in Tokyo. Around that time, we went to Kidzania Tokyo with Karin-chan and her family.

On the first day, we stayed on the upper floor of the hotel.

They took a walk in the park nearby and had a delicious dinner. After all, her sister got very excited to see the Tokyo Sky Tree and the beautiful night view from the window. We all spent our time charging energy for the next day; going to Kidzania Tokyo.

Karin-chan and her family had been well-prepared to make the most of their first visit to Kidzania Tokyo. They had picked up the jobs they wanted to experience, searched for how they would actually work, and learned how the monetary system would work there in advance.

On that day, a SSP supporter and a LOVEgrapher: Ms. Kon also supported this event.

We were heading to Kidzania Tokyo together. At first, we were overwhelmed since there were a lot of visitors there, however, they also got excited to do the first job at a pizza store, which they wanted to experience the most. They wore aprons and started making pizza.

They rolled out dough using their whole bodies and chose ingredients to put on to make their own pizza. After baking them, their pizza finally got ready.
They had them as lunch and Karin-chan told us that she was so glad to see her mom and dad looked happy after having delicious pizza.

After that, they experienced various jobs which each of them listed up in advance; firefighters, dentists, bakers, and actresses.

Also, they were having fun with the SSP supporter; it looked like they were three sisters!

It had been a while since she went out with her family last time due to the medical treatment and the COVID-19 pandemic.
However, it is always a great opportunity for children to go out and see the new world. And we t this family trip also played the same role for Karin-chan and her family.

After a long period of ‘stay-home’, the world is seeing increasing demands for going out and trips while there are still some families who have concerns or hesitations about doing so. We keep supporting those families in accordance with the infection control measures.

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