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[Cambodia] Online Zoo in Phnom Penh Safari
up 2022.02.22

Happy New Year!
I’m an internship student, Sasaki!

We held “Online Zoo in Phnom Penh Safari” on January 2nd at a pediatric cancer ward in Cambodia.

Patients in the ward are from 0 to 13 years old, and each of them is of different ages and genders.
When we asked them their favorite thing, common answers were animals, fish, and other creatures.
Therefore, we wanted to hold a zoo event that all children could enjoy together.
Phnom Penh Safari willingly accepted our proposal, and we finally realized this event.

Phnom Penh Safari is a large zoo located on the outskirts of Phnom Penh. You can see various animals, including elephants, giraffes, tigers, crocodiles, bears, and orangutans.
On the event date, we connected the zoo and the hospital with Zoom and showed a video on a big screen so that children would feel like they were really in the zoo.
For one hour and a half, we spent a fulfilling time touring several areas with staff in Safari.
Children fed giraffes, rode on the elephant with real scenery, and enjoyed a monkey show through the screen.

I heard that when we told this event and gave them tickets a few days before the event, children heard with their eyes wide open.
They had been looking forward to the day, imagining coming animals and whether they go outside.

Also, I was delighted to hear that some depressed children who had not been where everyone gathered due to painful treatment said that he wanted to join.

Every child’s excitement encouraged all of our staff, including Phnom Penh Safari and hospital volunteers to lead the event to success.
Since it was our first trial, there were a few unexpected accidents.
For example, the elephant got too close to the camera, so we unintentionally spent all prepared bananas, but we managed to get through with our teamwork.

Children were incredibly excited through the realistic and dynamic event, and we also enjoyed it as a staff.
More than anything, seeing both children and their families enjoying the event together, I was impressively satisfied to have this event.

I already heard the happy news from the nurse that children are expecting the next event from now.
I hope the children will go to Phnom Peh Safari when they get better.
Thanks to all the people of Phnom Penh Safvoari and the hospital volunteers for the success of this event.

Long-term Intern Student