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[Myanmar] Dream Train Programming Class for the New Generation
up 2022.02.09

With the support of Dai-ichi Life Myanmar, a programming class was held. This is the first time action in Dream Train.
We were very excited to see what kind of impact it would have on the children.

As the learning materials, we used Scratch, a visual programming language developed at MIT in the US.
It is widely utilised around the world for educational purposes and is characterized by its “Low Floor, High Ceiling and Wide Walls” (anyone can start easily, aim high, and make various arrangements).

Kids Labo, a Japanese IT/STEAM education company in Yangon, helped us to create the curriculum and to teach the children. Under an instructor who has a lot of teaching experience of programming to children, the class started.

Using the iPads donated by Dai-ichi Life Myanmar, the children looked at the screen with serious eyes.
All children were fascinated by various movements and the freedom of arrangement.

During the first five lessons, they learned the basics, and the last lesson was on creativity.
They made their own original work based on what they had learnt.
They then gave presentation about their work in front of Dai-ichi Life Myanmar as their “final exam”.

When the children were creating their original works, they made a happy suggestion.

“It’s not enough to do an individual presentation to show how well we’ve done.
We would like to make new work from scratch and present it as a group creation.”

That was unexpected. For children of around 13 years old, presenting their work in public must be a huge challenge.
However, they found the programming so interesting and rewarding that they didn’t even think about it.
I think we have achieved a great deal in terms of “inspiring learning enthusiasm”.

After preparation and practice, the students were ready for the competition.
The judges, Dai-ichi Life Myanmar, were on the screen and all the students completed a great job.
The group presentations were also excellent, and they even showed a great solidarity as a team.

*The scene of practice

Later in the day, members of Dai-ichi Life Myanmar visited Dream Train and held an award ceremony for the seven children.
The children smiled as they received their certificates and extra prizes.
They said, “It was very interesting. I want to do it again. When will the next one be?”. The children’s desire to learn is even more burning.
What will we do next to keep the fire burning and to give them the opportunity to learn the wisdom of the new age in an exciting way? It’s a challenge that we will face.

We would like to express our sincere gratitude to Dai-ichi Life Myanmar for giving children this opportunity, and to Kids Labo for their kind and polite instruction the children.

*The instructor and children

*The award ceremony