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[Cambodia] Hygiene and nutrition classes are being held!
up 2021.08.25

Hello! This is Ueda from the Nutrition Management Department.

The staff of the Nutrition Department not only prepare meal for the children, but also act as hygiene and nutrition teachers. Every day we are busy cooking, but we also make time to conduct hygiene and nutrition classes for pediatric patients and their mothers.

The first step is preparation…

We make materials for the storyboard and come up with the script.
We summarize the hygiene points that we pay attention to when we prepare meals.
Sometimes, the things that we take for granted every day at the food service center are not so obvious to children and their mothers.

Now to the patient…

In order to minimize the spread of COVID-19, we do this in small groups in each room. When the staff from the nutrition department who come to serve meal every day, enter the room with a storyboard, the children and their mothers become curious.
The staff were nervous at first, but gradually got used to the story as they told it over and over again, and even improvised without looking at the script. Even the children who were playing listened attentively when the staff were talking.


After the class…

When we went to hand out meals after talking about washing in the hygiene class, the children were more enthusiastic than usual about washing their hands.
They called out to the staff, saying things like, “I washed my hands well!” and “I didn’t touch my toys after washing!”

カンボジア 衛生・栄養教室を実施しています! 衛生・栄養教室を実施しています!

We will continue to hold hygiene and nutrition classes for the children so that they can eat nutritious meals and grow up happy and healthy after they leave the hospital.

Nutrition Department Ueda