Although a lot of foreign governmental support has been already made into the Laos, there are still many poor people who never receive medical treatment, therefore medical support to them has been provided by Japan Heart as far as they can do, namely saving the life which is able to be saved.
Japan Heart has been providing training of emergency medical care to the medical staff as well as medical treatment and operations to the poor people in Laos where there are still many cases of losing lives due to no appropriate treatment during transportation. .

Medical / Health Care

Vientiane capital  PakNgum district hospital:Medical / Surgery Operation
Vientiane capital  PakNgum district:Mobile medical treatment in a remote area
Vientiane capital Mahosot hospital :BLS(Basic Life Support)Training
Vientiane capital  Faculty of Nursing Science, University of Health Sciences :BLS training, support for practice of community nursing, an exchange of student program
Panyathip international school :BLS Training

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