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Message from the Founder


Dr. Hideto Yoshioka

  • Born:
    August, 1965
  • Education:
    Oita University Faculty of Medicine
  • Career Path:
    1985-1995: Emergency hospitals
    in Osaka and Kanagawa
  • 1997: National Okayama Medical Center, Pediatric Surgery
  • 2001: Kawasaki Medical School Hospital
  • 2003: Resumed medical activities
    in Myanmar
  • 2004: Established JAPAN HEART

Imagine this:
An international health care organization with a new concept emerges. The entire world will witness teams of young people from this group dashing off to natural disasters. These youths offer help for the victims, whether at home or abroad, as if they were called by destiny. What a relief it would be to realize that we could leave our future in their hands!

The activities of Japan Heart are based on three distinctive ideas: simplicity, beauty and compassion. Our health care organization was born in Japan, therefore these three ideas are deeply influenced by our cultural view of the world. In Japan, we have "cha no yu" or tea ceremony, a traditional cultural art, which has been practiced for 500 years. Activities of our organization are the reflection of what "cha no yu" represents: lavish decorations are nowhere to be found, intangible beauty is right there within, and performers always bear compassion for others. Through our activities, we are embodying the essence of Japanese culture by means of our bodies and hearts.

Before concluding this message, let me share another thought of mine with you.
I want Japan Heart to value "empowerment of women" more than any other organization does, as I believe that the blossoming of women's capabilities will profoundly benefit the world. When the women in our organization play pivotal roles in our missions, offering compassion as our mothers would tend to us, it should make a difference in healing the bodies and the hearts of ill-fated people in the world.

Happiness is obtained only when hearts are healed. And so, providing health care which can heal the hearts of people is our ultimate goal. Embracing this concept, Japan Heart will strive to provide health care that is capable of rescuing not only the bodies but also the hearts of the people in the world who need it most. We are here to help.

Dr. Hideto Yoshioka
Supreme adviser/Founder of Japan Heart

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